Bridger Elementary School
Communtiy Council Agenda
October 4, 2018 @ 1:50pm
Conference Room

Council Members

  • Carrie Curtis-Teacher
  • Zinthia Cornejo-Parent
  • Lindsey Kelstrom-Parent
  • John Taggart-Principal
  • Andrea Linton-Parent
  • Brindy Bennett-Parent
  • Stephanie Guerrero-Parent

Agenda Items

  1. Welcome

  2. Meeting Schedule

    -Proposal to move to Wednesdays instead of Thursdays, still at 3 pm.

  3. Mebership

    -We have vacancies. Since we missed the election window due to the principals' family emergency, parent members on the council will vote to consider the parent replacement on the council. Staff memebers will vote to add or replace any staff member seats on the council. Update on applications received.

  4. Final Trustlands Report from SY 17-18

    -Presentations by Mr. Taggart
    • Achievement data from last year-
    • Update on teach purchases-

  5. Informational Updates

    -Enrollment, Staffing, E2

  6. Training

    -Website Materials

  7. Adjourn