Bridger Elementary School
Communtiy Council Minutes
Novemeber 19, 2018 @ 1:50pm
Conference Room

Council Members

  • Carrie Curtis-Teacher-Excused
  • Zinthia Cornejo-Parent-Excused
  • Lindsey Kelstrom-Parent-Present
  • John Taggart-Principal-Present
  • Andrea Linton-Parent-Present
  • Brindy Bennett-Parent-Present
  • Stephanie Guerrero-Parent-Present

Agenda Items

  1. Welcome

  2. Membership

    -Parent memeber to consider additional applicants.
  3. A parent wanted to be part of the council were unable to attend. No action was taken

  4. Budget

    -Discussion on how to manage the $15,000 cut due to decreased school enrollment.

  5. After much discussion over each line item in the budget the decision was made to forego hiring an AmeriCorps VISTA person for this year and to reduce the number of presentations systems (Flat Panel TV, Apple TV, iPad, and mounting system) by 2.

  6. Education Support Professional of the Year

  7. The commitee decided to choose Melissa Vogel as the Bridger Education Support Professional of the Year. The surprise celebration will be held on Monday, November, 26th.

  8. Adjourn