Bridger Elementary School
Communtiy Council Minutes
March 18, 2019 @ 1:50pm
Conference Room

Council Members

  • Carrie Curtis-Teachert
  • Zinthia Cornejo-Parent
  • Lindsey Kelstrom-Parent
  • John Taggart-Principal
  • Andrea Linton-Parent
  • Brindy Bennett-Parent

Agenda Items

  1. Welcome
  2. Land Trust Plan SY 18-19 and Current Progress
    • Presentaion by Mr. Taggart
      • Update on tech purchases-We reviewed the instructor coaching procedures and charts. We also reviewed the classroom presentation technology purchases.
      • Achievement data from this year- We reviewed attendance data, behavioral data, and student achievement data from this year.
  3. Informational Updates
    • Staffing
      • We talked about personnel changes and how that presents challenges this year and may affect programs next year.
  4. Land Trust Plan SY 19-20
    • We talked about adding aides to help reach LAND Trust Plan goals in the upcoming year and the difficulty in obtaining aides.
    • We talked about adding instructor professional development as a goal.
  5. Adjourn