Bridger Elementary School
Communtiy Council Minutes
April 15, 2019 @ 1:50pm
Conference Room

Council Members

  • Carrie Curtis-Teacher- Present
  • Zinthia Cornejo-Parent- Present
  • Lindsey Kelstrom-Parent- Absent
  • John Taggart-Principal- Present
  • Andrea Linton-Parent- Present
  • Brindy Bennett-Parent- Present
  • Stephanie Guerrero-Parent- Absent

Agenda Items


Discussion of final land trust plan SY 19-20

  1. We talked about howmuch teachers andd students are using iReady and subscription magazines and talked about alternatives.
  2. We discussed the plan for teacher professional development next year to meet our goal n mathematics.
  3. We talked about changes in AmeriCorps funding next year and about adding an aide position to help meet our reading goals.

Informational Updates

  • Staffing
    1. We talked about personeel changes and how they will affect the preschool and kindergarten classes next year.

Amendment for play SY 18-29

  1. We talked about amending the current plan by purchasing 5-7 classroom presentation systems before new teachers arrive next year so that they can start using the new technology right away.
  2. We also discussed amending the current plan to purchased iPads and reviewed Lexia outcomes to decide if this would help us meet our goals.