Mad Science

Octobers theme is science. Here at After School Club we are taking that theme and running with it just in time for Halloween! All of this months clubs are focusing on Science and STEM activities. We always want to make sure we are planning educational and fun activities! These are the titles of this months clubs:

K-2: Engineers: What they do and how we can help

  • In this club students learn the basics of engineering and about the different types of engineers. Activities such as building airplanes (aerospace engineering) and tower construction (civil engineering) are both fun and educational.


k-2: Dino Times: Taking a look back into prehistoric times

  • Students in this club learn about the layers of the earth and the food chain. They participate in fun “Dino” themed games that teach teamwork and provide a basic knowledge of different types of dinosaurs. They also get to make their own fossils! How fun!


3-5: Harry Potter: Real Life Beasts

  • This club really shows that science can be fun. By connecting a classic children’s series to science functions present in the world around us, the kids have had an opportunity to participate in fun experiments, learn about different “beastly” animals, and lastly learn about magnetic energy and how it played a role in inspiring the Harry Potter series.


3-5: Scientidos: How to become a real life scientist

  • Students in this club get to participate in lots of stem activities in conjunction with learning what real scientists do. This club has and continues to allow students to consider whether or not they want to explore a career in the science arena. They learn about chemical reactions, static electricity, and phases of matter!


Thanks for reading! Check in often for updates!