A Rainy Pumpkin Walk

One of the amazing things about Logan is the great activities that are readily available. We at ASC love these opportunities. On Monday we got to attend one of these neat experiences- The Pumpkin Walk! It started off like any other beautiful fall day, sunny and 67 degrees. We quickly told the kids to board the bus and leave anything that would be too much to carry. As we arrived the kids became excited- after all, a fifteen-minute bus ride feels like an eternity.


This picture reflects most of the kids faces as we began… about two minutes after this picture was taken the first bang of thunder shook the hay bales. The smiles started to turn into giggles and screams as it suddenly began to downpour.

IMG_1688 (1).JPG

We did not let that ruin our fun! We finished the walk and returned to Bridger.

IMG_1703 (1).JPG

It was a memorable experience to say the least.