Parent Night- Camp Read A Lot

We had our first Parent Night last night!

Our goal for parent night is to establish good relationships with Bridger families. We love to see and get to know the parents and families of the students we get to see everyday!

This parent night was centered around reading. We had four stations.

Parent Night- station 1 Katelyn .JPG

Station one consisted of picking out some fun campfire treats!

Parent Night Lexi and Jace- Meet the staff.JPG

The second station involved a guess the staff activity. Students got to work with their parents to try and guess who the description matched best. Some leaders stumped kids more than others.

Parent Night- Station 3.JPG

Station three was all set up to let kids make bookmarks with their parents. Each bookmark consisted of a quote about the power of reading together.

Parent Night- Station 4 .JPG
Parent Night- Emily and Oaklee .JPG

The Fourth and final station provided a place with reading excerpts to read with parents and staff. It was by far the coziest spot to be.

This parent night was a huge success! We cannot wait for the next one! If you could not make this one, we hope to see you next time!