Irritable Weather+ Crazy Fun Clubs+ Lights On= Exciting week at Bridger!

The past week has been crazy at ASC. The week started off with some funky weather. We at ASC try and get out as often as the weather allows- and this Monday was no different. Suddenly the staff and students came running into the school. There was shouts and hollers. It had started to HAIL during recces. That definitely added some energy to our day. The picture below was taken when there was a brief pause in the snow and hail.


This added to our crazy day! Living in Logan is an always an adventure!


This months theme is History! This club learned about Wyoming’s interesting beginnings as a state. Ms. Emily utilized our incredible library for this activity. The kids loved this particular book. Definitely a memorable activity!


The students got to participate in the district-wide program, Lights On. The kids learned a cultural dance and a few new songs. This was a fun event for all ages!