Half-Week Happenings!

We have a busy week next week, so this short week is all about preparation. We enlisted the kids to help us get ready! We have included pictures below of the exciting preparations taking place this week.

Next weeks activities include a field trip to Gossner Foods. Staff and students are excited! We will finish off the week with a Parent Night. Please join us Thursday the 28th for a night filled will games and fun! We will start at 5 O’clock as usual.


Leadership club assembled and tried to brainstorm how to contribute to parent night!


These two young helpers are eager to provide input! K-2nd grade cannot participate in Leadership club, but that does not mean they do not make their opinion known! We have a suggestion box meant for any student who would like to see a change!


This is just one of the many signs being prepared for parent night! Our staff are really going the extra mile to make sure that parents have fun!