Field Trip Fun!

K-2nd grade had the opportunity to attend a field trip to Gossner Foods.

Before the tour even began the kids began to gasp and point! Gossners has a great view of the surrounding mountains. They loved it! A great way to start the tour.

Gossners- Walking to begin tour .jpg
Gossners- Admiring the view while waiting .jpg

Before the official tour began, an employee at Gossners showed us a neat video detailing how all the products they provide are made. He also made time for the students to ask questions about dairy products!

Gossners- Lesson from guy .jpg
Gossners-lesson from guy .jpg

He then proceeded to show our students several windows looking into the main factory!

Gossners- kids looking at machinery .jpg
Gossners- Kids looking at machinery distance.jpg
Gossners- Look at the machinery .jpg

As the kids completed the official tour, our guide informed them they would get to choose a flavored milk of their own! They were ecstatic. We began the walk over to the Gossners store.

Gossners- Walking to the Store.jpg
Gossners- finding out they get milk!.jpg
Gossners- End with milk.jpg

A huge thanks to all the great employees at Gossners! They made sure we had a great time!

Gossners- Meet with HR person .jpg