STEAM Parent Night

This months parent night was STEAM themed. The staff had a blast brainstorming fun STEAM related activities that would be fun for students and parents alike.

There were a number of stations all created by the staff.

Parent Night get to know you .jpg
Parent Night Julies example.jpg
Parent Night Staff Get to know you .jpg
Parent Night- Get to know u final.jpg

The next station allowed parents and students to test their math fact knowledge. Staff even got to show off their skills!

Parent Night Cup Stacking .jpg
Parent Night Math Facts 2.jpg

Parents and students could take a break in our snack zone.

Parent Night Snack Zone Leaders.jpg

Another station showed various games made possible using basic dice! Each family got to take home a set of dice.

Parent Night- Knock Out Dice Game.jpg
Parent Night Dice Game in action.jpg

The last station available was a cup stacking competition! What a Hoot!

Parent Night Cup Stacking .jpg
Parent Night Math Cups Dawit.jpg