Bridger Elementary School Counselor

Hi. My name is Chris Hardy and I am the new school counselor for Bridger and am so excited to be here, I will be teaching monthly guidance lessons in the classrooms, run small groups and help students individually.

My job is to help students with skills such as making friends, social skills, dealing with

anger, stress & anxiety, sadness, self-control, self-esteem, or making responsible choices. Students are never in trouble when they work with me. I am here to be an additional supportive adult in the school who cares about your children and their wellbeing.

Students can be referred to me for counseling services by their teacher, principal, parents, or themselves. A consent form needs to be signed before group or individual counseling services can begin. Please keep in mind that I am not a therapist, and some situations may not be within the scope of school counseling but I can refer you to specialists in the area.

Chris Hardy School Counselor



Parenting Tip for Using a Growth Mindset

Focus on their effort and not their ability. When you offer encouraging words to kids, give them feedback on their effort, Discuss with them the strategies they used. Ask them questions about how they completed a task or figured out a problem. Doing this helps children learn that their success is based on their effort and not their abilities. Overtime, this will help them develop a growth mindset.

Here some examples you can try!

1. Wow! You've been practicing and your skills are improving

2. You're studying more and more and your test scores continue to get better

3. You paid attention to all the details and completed your assignment correctly

4. You are determined to figure it out. Keep at it and let me know how I can help 5. You understood the problem right away and came up with a solution.

6. I remember when you were first learning to do that. Now you can do it!

7. You asked for help to figure it out and came up with a solution that works!

8. You came up with a plan and followed through on it to get the job done.

9. You really put a lot of effort in your project. Show me more of what you did!

10. You did it all on your own!

11. You used your imagination and came up with a creative idea.

12. You thought the problem through and are on the right track to figuring it out! 13. You made a lot of progress. How does it feel?